A Reputation For-Integrity And Excellence

A Reputation For-Integrity And Excellence

Pursuing Your Interests Through Legislative Representation

Public utilities’ drive for profit can harm ratepayers’ interests in a monopolized market. Sometimes litigation is not enough. You can win a case only to find that new legislation has made the victory a moot point.

At Herrera Law & Associates, PLLC, we take a big-picture approach to public utility law to facilitate a case’s long-term success. We recognize that simply deciding when to raise an issue with a regulatory agency can be a strategic decision. However, we know that it is often necessary to go a step further and deal with the issue at the legislative level before entering the courtroom.

Providing Trusted Counsel For Decades

Our Austin firm has provided pragmatic and effective legislative representation services to clients across Texas for more than 35 years. Our comprehensive knowledge of public utilities law and our professional reputation among lawmakers can be valuable assets to your case.

We are wholly accountable to our clients and trusted by lawmakers to follow our word. Whether you need assistance with bill drafting or introducing amendments into a proposed bill, our attorneys are ready and able to assist with any legislative representation issue you may face.

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