A Reputation For-Integrity And Excellence

A Reputation For-Integrity And Excellence

Helping Municipalities Challenge Water Utility Rate Increases

For municipal governments that wish to regulate a water utility’s proposed rate increase or certification, Herrera Law & Associates, PLLC, provides experienced and cost-effective counsel across the entire spectrum of water law issues.

We Put Our Experience And Insight To Work For You

We have represented numerous clients at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and have a strong reputation among both individuals at the commission and at the state legislative level. Exhaustive subject matter knowledge and familiarity with commission officials make for effective regulatory litigation.

Attorney Alfred Herrera and his associates have practiced public utility law for nearly 40 years. During this time, they have developed both a deep understanding of water law and strong personal connections to the network of individuals responsible for regulating such matters.

Equipped To Handle All Aspects Of Your Legal Matter

Whether a municipal government seeks to effectively manage wastewater treatment or defend against a denial of rate increases, our firm helps seek a cost-effective resolution to water law issues. We handle these cases at every point in the legal process, from initial litigation at the regulatory level to the appeals process if necessary.

We can also provide competent and pragmatic legislative representation at any point in the process to help facilitate the long-term success of your municipality’s case. To speak with our attorneys about your water law matter, contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

Discuss Your Concerns With Us

Whether your municipality is located in Austin or elsewhere in Texas, Herrera Law & Associates, PLLC, is qualified to represent your interests.

Arrange your confidential consultation to learn more about our services and our track record of success. You can reach us online or over the phone at 512-474-1492 to discuss your concerns and begin working toward a positive resolution.

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